Felix Pollmann

Felix is currently a Senior and started playing Rugby at the age of 5 in England for both his school team as well as the Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club. This coming season will be his third year on the Staples Varsity team. In the summer of 2019, Felix played for the CT All-Stars team which won the Championship title against several other Northeastern states in New Hampshire. He was also selected to go on tour with the U16 Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) team to play two test matches against Canada in Ontario. Felix participated in the Cal Berkeley Rugby summer camp for the last 4 years and would have made it 5, had it not been cancelled due to Covid.

Felix will be attending the University of California, Berkeley in the Fall.


Ben LaFontan

Ben is currently a Senior and started playing rugby for his local club in Amersham, England at the age of 7. He continued his rugby career in Sydney, Australia for 8 years before moving to the US. in 2017. Ben started playing for the 8th grade PAL team, followed by 3 years for Staples High School. Ben has also played for the Staples soccer and football teams during the past 4 years. He also participated in the EIRA rugby camp in Arizona in 2019 and was chosen to tour with them in 2020 but due to Covid, all games were cancelled . Ben hopes to further his rugby career in college.

Ben will be attending the University of Denver this Fall.


Sam Seideman

Sam is currently a Senior and has been playing rugby since age 13. Starting in eighth grade on the first ever P.A.L rugby team and now a Senior on the Staples team, Sam has found a true passion and love for the sport. While away as a counselor for a sleep away camp, Sam set up rugby clinics and games for the kids. Introducing a new sport some kids fell in love with was one of the highlights of his summer. Sam, who has played on the rugby team every year of high school, prepared for a varsity season last year; however, it was cut short due to covid. Anticipating a successful season, Sam is looking forward to getting back out on the field for the 2021 season.

Sam will be attending Penn State University in the Fall.


Dylan Garra

Dylan is currently a Senior and started playing Rugby at the age of 10. He has actively participated in several club and school level camps, tournaments, summer leagues, and matches throughout the years. Dylan has played all throughout the tri-state area. He hosted players from The Leventhorpe School of England that were traveling the Northeast playing local Connecticut teams. Dylan has participated in the US Collegiate Development Camp @ Dartmouth since 2018 and Cal Berkeley Rugby Camp in 2019. An active team player in high school, Dylan prepared for the Staples Varsity team last year, unfortunately it was cut short due to Covid. He is looking forward to the 2021 season with his teammates.

Dylan will be attending St. Bonaventure University in the Fall.


Clara Holleman

Clara is currently a Senior at Staples and will be attending the University of Alabama next year. She is a 3 sport athlete and a leader, having been the previous captain and MVP for 2 other sports teams at the school. She has had a passion for sports since a very young age, and played basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and ran track and cross country as a part of the Staples sports community. Even though rugby is new to her, she is thrilled to learn more about the sport this season. She first knew she wanted to play when Staples announced their first season of the girls team, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to COVID-19. This pushed Clara harder to learn the sport, further her dedication for training, and plan to play for the UA girls rugby club team. Clara looks forward to being a dedicated teammate and captain for the 2021 Staples girls rugby season.


Lane Schanzer

Lane is currently a Junior at Staples High School. A devoted student, teammate, and captain. This may be her first experience playing rugby but she is no stranger to athletics. Growing up she has played a number of sports. Beginning with gymnastics from a young age to soccer for seven years and basketball. Lane is also a committed officer for her school's Best Buddies club. In 2019 Lane sought to play her schools first girls rugby team, after training hard COVID hit and unfortunately her first season was canceled. The passion, community and technique involved in rugby drew Lane in. She was recently selected as a New England Free Jacks regional player of interest. Lane looks forward to playing this year for her team as a strong and dedicated captain.


Jeni von Bartheld

Jeni is currently a Sophomore at Wilton High School. Although this is her first endeavor playing rugby, this is not her first experience in athletics. Jeni started gymnastics in Norwalk, CT at the age of 3 and competed in Wilton when she was 10 (2016). Jeni competed at the YMCA level for 2 years and both YMCA and USAG for another two years. Over the course of four years she competed at over 30 competitions. COVID-19 caused her final season to be cut short where she would’ve competed at her third national competition. Jeni has gone to two regional and national competitions and brought home a title at each. She is very competitive and always tries to be the best at everything she does, so when she saw her cousin playing rugby for Marist College last fall she immediately knew she wanted to play. When COVID cut the season short last year, Jeni knew she had to work harder this year to make this season count. She was recently selected as a Free Jacks Regional player of interest and is very excited to play and to lead the girls team in their first season.