Staples Girls Rugby


Staples Rugby 2021 will have a girls team!

Wonderful news for Staples High School Rugby

The spring of 2021 will signal in a new era for Staples Rugby with the introduction of the first Girls Rugby Team.

I am very excited to finally have this come to fruition having secured Coach Cassie Bishop to lead the team.

Coach Cassie currently plays in the fall for one of the strongest Women’s teams in the state, New Haven and has previously coached for a number of years at the youth level and also helps at the Rugby CT board level where her partner is the President.

We all at Staples Rugby welcome Coach Cassie to our family and can’t wait to see the girls take the field
Staples Rugby has grown over the past three years to have four boys’ teams and compete in the CT Rugby championships, with the Varsity team making the State Championship final in 2018 and and the freshman winning the State Championship in 2019.

“I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve over the past few years, very proud to grow the program and very proud of how the boys focus to achieve goals they set, all the while having fun and enjoying this wonderful game. This coming spring we will introduce the first Girls Staples Rugby team which I am very excited about and having Coach Cassie to lead this team is a wonderful thing for us all, for me this has been a dream for a couple years and to watch this start to take shape makes me very happy” Coach Lyme
Any questions please contact Coach Lyme
Staples Girls Rugby