Saturday April 15th 12pm Staples

Make sure you're there for our first every International Match!

The Staples rugby team makes history this Saturday,

The Wreckers host St. Andrew’s, of Makhanda (Grahamstown), South Africa. They’re the first high school from that country to tour the US — and they’ve chosen Staples as an opponent.

St. Andrew’s has played rugby for nearly 150 years — about as long as Staples has been a school.

The sport has a much younger history here. But the Wreckers are one of the top squads in the country, so the match should be a great one. Match time on Saturday is noon, at Paul Lane Field (football stadium).

It’s the first time Staples rugby has hosted an international squad. In true rugby spirit, St. Andrew’s players are hosted by local families. !

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